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Service Desk

We know the value of having an integrated Service Desk Solution. We have seen the transformation that such a project can have on the effectiveness of your IT Department. JCTS has run many successful Service Desk implementations across the UK , Europe and Asia with startling results.

Our approach is; Understanding the needs, aims and limitations of your Service Delivery Department Selecting the appropriate Service Desk Tool to suit you Running the project end to end ensuring successful implementation Supporting the implemented service on a long term basis (including support and administration)

Outsourcing Suppliers

For vendors we provide experienced European based project management for customers in Western Europe and North America . We ensure the projects are professionally managed by a local team, reducing the number and cost of onshore resources the supplier requires to support their projects. We also provide assistance for offshore service suppliers wanting to operate in the UK and Europe through a series of initiatives helping them to set up a local business centre. Our services to offshore outsourcing vendors include:

  • Including our partners and affiliates in the vendor selection process for our customers' offshore outsourcing requirements
  • The provision of project management services. Because we are well versed in dealing with offshore contracts, we help both our customers and suppliers avoid the problems that beset many offshore projects, ensuring their ventures are a success
  • The provision of a local presence for vendors in the UK and Europe
  • Finally, we undertake sales calls and provide local support to vendors' existing teams in the UK and Europe.


We have many years' offshore outsourcing experience and bear the scars to show it. We advise businesses based in the UK, Europe and North America on offshore outsourcing and assess if they're ready to outsource.

If an organisation is not sure whether they wish to outsource offshore, we'll help them define and implement the steps and processes needed to select and work with an offshore supplier

If an organisation is already committed to outsource offshore, we assess their short term and long term goals, and help them select and implement the most suitable outsourcing model.

We advise our customers on selecting the most appropriate offshore partners for their needs by evaluating their requirements and cross matching these with over 260 suppliers world-wide. We manage the delivery of the entire range of outsourcing services including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Offshore Development Centres (ODC), Offshore Call Centres, project based offshore software development and offshore system maintenance and support.

By establishing and constantly refining a broad base of offshore outsourcing suppliers located throughout the world, we can provide access to high quality, economic resources that can cater for specialist development and language requirements.

We typically employs a four phase approach to help businesses enter into offshore outsourcing:

  • Analysis: research the customer's requirements and readiness for outsourcing.
  • Strategy: determine the best overall outsourcing strategy for the customer's business.
  • Transition: vendor selection, costing, contract negotiation and initiation.
  • Implementation: project management, review and monitoring, where appropriate with a phased hand-over of control to the customer.
  • Outsourcing Resources: Continually audit, update and augment our list of offshore outsourcing suppliers world-wide.

Our management team is fully experienced in various forms of outsourcing projects, enabling both customers and suppliers to maximise the benefits outsourcing affords, while ensuring the pitfalls are avoided. Based in UK, with working hours overlapping with both Asia and the US, our project managers are ideally placed to co-ordinate and manage offshore outsourcing projects for customers based in Europe and America.

ITIL Consultancy

The ethos behind the development of ITIL is the recognition that organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in order to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs.

This leads to an increased requirement for high quality IT services. Each module is intended to facilitate the quality management of IT services and infrastructure in the organisation (by IT infrastructure, we mean organisations computer and networks - hardware, software and computer-related telecommunications, upon which the systems and IT services are built and run). The codes of practice are intended to assist organisations to provide quality IT service in the face of challenges such as budgetary constraints, skill shortages, system complexity, rapid change, current and future user requirements and increased user expectations.

ITIL provides the foundation for quality IT Service Management. The widespread adoption of the ITIL guidance has encouraged organisations worldwide, both commercial and non-proprietary, to develop supporting products as part of a shared "ITIL Philosophy" offering benefits to both IT Service delivery and IT Users.

JC Technology Solutions can assist IT organisations in starting to implement ITIL compliant processes. We achieve this by conducting on-site Process Reviews which, in turn, are used to produce an ITIL implementation road map for the identified services.
ITIL can greatly assist in achieving ISO-9000 accreditation.

Programme Management

Is this symptomatic of your organisation?
You are implementing strategic change programmes but:

  • Its not clear where to start or how to prioritise projects for the best pay-off
  • You have no high-level visibility of the risks
  • Conflicting priorities and ownership means its hard to get agreement
  • Long-term programmes lose their momentum because distractions, such as staff movements and ever-changing priorities, soften the focus

JCTS has the cure - we can improve organisational performance by:
  • Conducting a capability assessment to identify priorities for improved governance
  • Assisting in implementing structured programme management methods such as MSP or ADPM
  • Providing interim Programme Managers
  • Providing a Programme Benefits Assurance function
  • Providing a choice of training options

Resolving these common problems, and many others like them, is something we really enjoy. We provide specialist project, programme and bid management consultancy and a training company, helping our clients, from project office to boardroom, deliver performance improvement by providing services to address their needs.

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  • Out Sourcing
  • Out Sourcing Suppliers
  • ITIL Consultancy
  • Programme Management
  • Service Desk Implementation

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